A2O Advanced Materials + UBC are addressing the costly impacts of corrosion and bio-fouling

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November 23, 2023

In September, Innovate BC awarded $300,000 to A2O Advanced Materials and UBC through the Ignite program to help them commercialize their project in advanced materials and manufacturing. The team behind this project is developing a proprietary bonding technology that combines adhesion, self-healing, and regeneration properties, enabling the production of long-lasting coatings and adhesives for large-scale applications in the marine industry. This innovation addresses the costly environmental and health impacts of corrosion and biofouling, offering a significant boost to marine-based work as well as British Columbia’s natural environment.


Natalie Dakers, CEO of A2O Advanced Materials, and Dr. Laurel Schaefer at the University of British Columbia are collaborating on this innovative approach to marine coatings and adhesives. Their team is focusing on creating a marine protective coating that prevents or slows corrosion and reduces biofouling. Their approach maintains adhesive properties in the marine environment and utilizes principles of green chemistry to minimize waste and environmental impact.

The project demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability by addressing the need for cleaner and more efficient ways of using materials, generating energy, and transporting goods as they aim to create materials that work better, safer, and longer, contributing to the growing innovation ecosystem in British Columbia.

Their collaboration highlights the crucial role of academic scientists and contributions of graduate and postdoctoral fellows in developing ground-breaking technologies. It also underscores the impact of entrepreneurial opportunities and institutional support in turning research into practical solutions.

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