FENIX secures over $1.5M for product expansion in Trail

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October 23, 2019

Fenix Advanced Materialscleantech company based out of Trail, has received more than $1.5M to build up their applied research efforts, staffing and infrastructure on ultra-high metals purification and advanced manufacturing. Working closely with our partners at KAST and the MIDAS Lab, this funding will increase Fenix’s technological, innovation and production capacity.  

“We believe this will bring direct positive economic impact to our rural region and are extremely grateful for all the support,” says Don Freschi, Fenix CEO and EiR in our Venture Acceleration Program. 

Fenix will scale up its applied research to develop and produce new ultra-high purity metals to grow cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) crystals. As the newest and coolest semiconductor, its applications range from radiation detection and mapping, nuclear medical imaging, homeland security, and astrophysics.  

“CZT digitizes conventional imaging technology by directly converting gamma- and x-rays to electronic signals. Further, it gives higher energy and spatial resolutions while operating at room temperature,” explains Dan Manaig, Director of Research and Innovation at Fenix.  

Further cementing its overall vision for the region, Fenix secured partnerships through a MITACS Acceleration Grant and Rural Dividend Fund to spearhead next-generation battery research on solid-state lithium-tellurium (LiTe) batteries. “Such strategic partnerships will solidify our position in the global arena,” says Freschi.  

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