RepliCel Life Sciences + UVIC are making cell therapy more affordable

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January 18, 2024

Recently, Innovate BC awarded $165,000 to RepliCel Life Sciences Inc. and the University of Victoria through the Ignite program to help them commercialize their project in advanced health and life sciences. The team behind this project is developing smart micro carriers for high-density culture of therapeutic cells, eliminating the need for enzymes. This approach protects cells from enzymatic damage and dramatically cuts down the costs associated with the production of cells for cell therapy, research, and production of cultivated meat.


The project, led by Dr. Mosen Akbari at the University of Victoria in collaboration with Andrew Schutte, President & CEO of RepliCel Life Sciences Inc, has achieved remarkable success in the life sciences and advanced health sector. The project's primary focus is on making cell therapy more accessible by addressing the cost limitations associated with it. The technology proposed by the team has the potential to reduce costs significantly by making cell therapy more affordable for a wider population.

The innovative micro carrier technology enables the growth of billions of cells from a small initial cell count collected from bio tissues. Notably, this approach not only protects cells from enzymatic damage but also significantly reduces the costs associated with cell therapy research and production. Dr. Akbari expressed his passion for creating affordable solutions to healthcare challenges, particularly in the field of cell therapy.

Dr. Akbari also highlighted the transformative journey of collaboration, innovation, and dedication that led to this achievement. The project not only represents individual success but symbolizes the cultivation of a remarkable journey toward a brighter and more innovative future. Thea team is committed to continuing the journey of innovation to change the world for the better.

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