Meet the Round 3 BC Fast Awardees

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February 16, 2022

The BC Fast Pilot program helps regional small-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) design, build, and operate a pilot plant or small demonstration of their technology in real-world conditions. The program allows B.C. technology companies to demonstrate the impact of their product, measure the value of their solution, and encourage customer adoption. 

Since the program started in 2019, and including this most recent group of awardees, $5.9M has been invested into 48 BC pilot demonstrations.

This initiative is delivered in partnership between Innovate BC and NRC IRAP

Meet the latest round BC Fast awardees.



Demo of Modular Research Radar Hardware Configured as Radar Detector Pilot Location: Ottawa, O.N.*

This pilot project will demonstrate the capability of aiRadar’s technology to detect RADAR signals within a specific frequency spectrum.


DBE Hytec

Soil Recycling Water Treatment
Pilot Location: Nanaimo, B.C.

This pilot project will help DBE Hytec commercialize their RSL membranes™ technology, which is now being recognized globally as a transilient water technology replacing all existing filtration processes including conventional low-pressure membranes.


H2 Portable Power

Portable Zero-Emission Generator Demo with the BC Film Industry
Pilot Location: Various Locations, B.C.

H2 Portable Power is developing a zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell power generator.


Hydron Energy

H&E Waste to Energy
Pilot Location: Hanover, O.N.*

Hydron Energy is helping hard-to-decarbonize sectors, such as transportation, meet future energy demands and net-zero goals. The objective of this project is to design, build and operate their proprietary gas separation technology.


Lyne Systems

PikAssist Industry Partner Implementation
Pilot Location: Various Locations, B.C.

This implementation will help Confirmed Automation Systems develop and test their PikAssist technology to determine readiness for market. Their technology will help solve labour availability issues in agriculture, and positively contribute to the growing food security crisis.


MicroWest Design

Lumberyard Inventory Tracking & Optimization
Pilot Location: Elko, B.C.

MicroWest Design is implementing an automated inventory tracking system within an operating lumber yard to determine the impact of precise package tracking on yard operating efficiency.


Offshore Designs

Proactive Ship Hull Cleaning
Pilot Location: Burnaby, B.C.

Offshore Designs is demonstrating their ship hull cleaning technology that’s capable of removing biofouling from a floating commercial vessel. Their technology is cutting trans-ocean fuel bills by 15% while reducing GHG emissions and safeguarding marine habitat.


Oxygen8 Solutions

Fitness Studio HVAC Retrofit to Reduce GHG Emissions and Improve Health/Safety
Pilot Location: Vancouver, B.C.

Oxygen8 is setting up their proprietary HVAC ventilation system at an athletic facility to increase ventilation rates and filtration using their technology that will provide a healthy environment with low energy consumption.  


Performance Biofilaments

Use of Nanofibrillated Cellulose to Prevent Erosion and Dust from Mine Tailings
Pilot Location: Vancouver and Trail, B.C.

Performance Biofilaments’ technology provides significant enhancements to advanced materials. In this project, they will demonstrate the benefits of using sustainable forest-based biomaterials in the mining sector.


Poseidon Ocean Systems

Oxypressor Pilot Project
Pilot Location: Clayoquot Sound, B.C.

This project will use Poseidon Ocean Systems’ proprietary Oxypressor compressor technology to produce high-purity oxygen for aquaculture, infuse it into seawater, and greatly reduce carbon emissions.


Quantum Technology

Fully Hermetic Ultra High Purity Helium Recycling System
Pilot Location: Coquitlam, B.C.

Quantum Technology will demonstrate and validate their ultra-high purity helium recycling system to eliminate any source of contamination. Their technology is intended for medical apparatus, high-grade bonds, and research.


Skaha Remote Sensing

Improving Crop Production and Environmental Impact through Root-zone Soil Moisture Mapping
Pilot Location: Okanagan Valley, B.C.

This pilot project will determine whether data from Skaha Remote Sensing’s soil moisture sensing technology has sufficient sensitivity, resolution, and accuracy. They will also demonstrate their technology to a range of interested companies and potential buyers.



Micro-grid Solutions for the Utility Market
Pilot Location: Kelowna, B.C.

Swyched creates industry-leading EV charging software solutions. They are developing smart charging technology that optimizes existing charging infrastructure. Their project aims to validate their software integration and deployment processes to identify areas for improvement.


Wiser Marine Technologies

Disaster Relief Emergency Power Generation using Mobile Sun-tracking Solar Panels
Pilot Location: Hartley Bay, B.C.

Wiser Marine Technologies will develop and demonstrate a backup solar power solution that uses high-efficiency solar panels on sun-tracking mounts.

*Occasionally, pilot demonstrations take place outside of B.C., but all projects either include B.C. companies or have positive impacts for B.C. residents.

Learn more about the BC Fast Pilot program >>> 

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