Local software company is helping people live longer + healthier lives

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April 23, 2020

A local heart health software company PAI Health is on their way to become the global health standard for physical activity, helping people live longer and healthier lives. Based in Vancouver, their Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) program offers a personalized prescription for exerciseUsing a unique algorithm, it determines the amount and intensity of activity needed to prevent heart disease. 

Last month, they announced that theyve been awarded the contract to develop a technology platform for the largest exercise intervention study ever performed, The Norwegian Trial of Physical Exercise after Myocardial Infarction (NorEx). 

The study involves ensuring that approximately 4,500 participants across Norway adhere to their exercise regimens over a four-year periodThe objectiveTo determine the effectiveness of physical activity using the PAI program to decrease mortality rates in patients who have previously suffered a heart attack. 

Over the years, PAI Health has taken advantage of our Tech Co-op Grants Program five timesreceiving $13,500 in funding to hire co-op students. We sat down with PAI Health to discover the impact co-op students have had on their business and discuss their recent successes. 

Q: Why do you hire co-op students? How do they help your company? 

PAI Health: We believe in giving back to the development community and helping students get their feet wet in the industry. We have had great success with co-ops and interns over the years and we feel they are valuable additions to the team. Aside from bringing great energy and enthusiasm, they are always quick to learn and eager to contribute. Our co-ops are fully integrated into our engineering squads and have directly contributed to many of the features we have released. 

Q: What has been PAI Health’s biggest success to date? 

PAI Health: Along with being awarded the contract for NorEx, our biggest successes have been the partnerships we’ve formed. In the past year, we’ve signed agreements with a major reinsurance company, joined global health organizations, and partnered with employee wellness programs. Ultimately, these strategic partnerships empower organizations to guide members towards better health, bringing PAI to as many people as possible. 

Would your company benefit from our Tech Co-op Grants Program? We just increased the funding amount, so now your company could receive up to $20K a year – just for hiring co-op students. 

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