TasteAdvisor pairs perfectly with Venture Acceleration Program

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September 5, 2019

Love to drink wine but don’t know how to pair it properly? There’s an app for that. Okanagan-developed TasteAdvisor suggests the perfect wine to pair with different tastes and moods.

Not only does it suggest wines, but it shows you which wineries, tasting routes, and events you should try based on your personal taste – and where you can buy it in your area. These are all determined based on your price-point and style, as well as the flavours and sweetness you prefer.

“I had Spotify to help me find songs, but I needed something to help me find wine,” says Alyssa Farr, Founder of TasteAdvisor. In the works for three years, TasteAdvisor launched three weeks ago and already has 1000 users, 3100 wines, over 300 wineries, 1200 in app ratings, and a perfect score on the app store–sitting pretty at number two amongst wine apps in the market right now.

In May 2019, TasteAdvisor entered the Venture Acceleration Program through our partners at Accelerate Okanagan to get better connected with the local tech community and learn from some of the best entrepreneurs in the area . Now, TasteAdvisor has had a sucessful launch and had exposure to over 90,000 people through the  great PR from Accelerate Okanagan and others.

We sat down with Alyssa to learn more about the company, her passions, and the impact the Venture Acceleration Program has had.

Q: What inspired you to start your own business? 

Alyssa: I am a builder and an ally. I love to create systems and products that help others achieve better or new outcomes. I started two other companies with business partners previously and supported over 30 companies as a business coach, now was the time to build one of my dreams and give back to my community in my own Alyssa way.

Q: Where does your passion for technology come from? 

Alyssa: I love how technology reaches so many people and brings creative solutions to repetitive, wide spread problems. Technology can change the way an industry operates. I want to be part of that kind of change.

Q: What’s your favourite wine?

Alyssa: I love red wines (usually blends) that are full bodied, smoky, earthy, cherry and dry. A good example of this is the Pinot Noir Reserve 2017 from Monte Creek Ranch Winery.

Q: What goals did you have before entering the Venture Acceleration Program and how did the program help you achieve those goals? 

Alyssa: One of my big goals was to validate the direction my team and I were going. Thanks to the many mentors I had to work with, we received some great input that helped us stay true to our direction and pivot in some areas that made us better.

Q: What made you decide that Accelerate Okanagan was the right fit for you?

Alyssa: Accelerate Okanagan provides the perfect opportunity to get more connected with the tech space, and other entrepreneurs who are building their businesses. The shared learning and support from mentors is an invaluable resource.

Q: What are you hoping to accomplish in the year ahead?

Alyssa: 2020 will include a couple new features and a possible expansion to Ontario, but most importantly a deeper, more involved role in the wine industry here in BC. Our team wants to continue to pursue opportunities to support local wineries, retailers, festivals and tours with our platform and our skills. We are so grateful for the support BC has shown us already!

Accelerate Okanagan’s Venture Acceleration Program is a six-month cohort designed to support committed entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to market. Applications are open for their fall intake until September, 8th.


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