How hiring a student helped Vancouver-based Percipient Solutions

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March 19, 2019

Percipient is a Vancouver-based analytics company that works with businesses to attract top talent, hire and engage employees, and invest wisely in training and development. They believe people are a business’ strongest advantage, especially for a growing company. So, when they decided to hire a new team member, it only made sense to take advantage of the Innovate BC Tech Co-op Grant program to add talent and get funding in one step.

Percipient's Managing Partner Tajinder Kumar recognizes that their field of analytics is a relatively new business and benefits from collaboration with fresh talent. Tajinder wanted to hire someone who could bring in innovative ideas. Their new student conducted primary and secondary market research, giving their organization a better idea of the competitive landscape of their industry. “They supported our efforts as a start-up business to understand the local market”, said Tajinder.

The co-op student was kept busy, taking on important roles in surveying BC organizations, summarizing and presenting information, and creating content like blog posts and infographics. For the student, it was a great opportunity to get a sense of how BC organizations use analytics and the benefits they offer.

Percipient’s first experience using an Innovate BC Tech Co-op Grant was "extremely positive". The student provided immense value at a pivotal stage in the company’s growth cycle and impressed the company enough that they’d consider hiring them again in the future. “We strongly recommend this program for other companies who are looking to add young and innovative talent to their organization.”

Did you know you could get up to $10,800 in funding per year for hiring co-op students? Learn more about the Innovate BC Tech Co-op Grant Program.

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