Data visualization challenge solution awarded $25,000

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March 20, 2017

Innovate BC announced today the chosen solution for a province-wide Data Visualization Challenge held in conjunction with BC Stats. Ruby Industries will be awarded $25,000 for product development.

Ruby Industries combined a variety of data visualization approaches in a way that makes significant improvements to the accessibility and readability of BC Stats' housing data and will work with the B.C. government to develop the solution to help policy makers understand the complex housing market. This initiative provides a significant customer to Ruby Industries as well as the means for BC Stats to innovate with home-grown technology.

This Data Visualization Challenge provided a total amount of $75,000 for product development to five finalists and Ruby Industries' chosen solution. The challenge aimed to find B.C. technology to visualize BC Stats housing data in a more meaningful way. It matched government needs with B.C. tech and educated early stage companies about the government procurement process.

Innovate BC continues to focus on market-driven innovation to compress the sales cycles for B.C. tech with the objective to give companies what they need: access to qualified and prospective customers.

A review panel comprised of Innovate BC, BC Developers' Exchange and BC Stats selected the five finalists and the chosen solution. The challenge launched in December of 2016. The five finalists presented their solution on March, 2017 at the #BCTECHSummit, Western Canada's largest annual innovation event.

Update: as of March, 2020 you can see the completed tool for yourself - go to the BC Provincial Housing Market Visualization Platform.

Want to learn more about Innovate BC's challenge process? Click here.

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