B.C. Tech Co-op Grants increases funding to $20,000

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March 11, 2020

B.C.-based companies of up to 500 employees can receive up to four $5,000 grants  that’s $20,000 per year  to hire co-op students. 

Innovate BC is pleased to offer the Tech Co-op Grants Program to support talent development in B.C.’s technology sector. Tech companies and non-profits hiring for any role and non-tech companies hiring for tech-specific roles can receive funding through this program to help subsidize their co-op student's salary.  

Previously, the Tech Co-op Grants Program provided grants of up to $2,700 for B.C.-based companies under 100 employees to hire co-op students. Now, the program has been expanded so we can better support as many tech SMEs and students as possible. 

The program provides an incentive for small and medium-sized businesses to recruit and train co-op students. For students, they acquire skills and knowledge for future integration into the workforce as well as hands-on tech experience. 

To learn more about the ways B.C. companies have taken advantage of the Tech Co-op Grants Program, check out some of these success stories:  

Could your company benefit from hiring fresh talent for your team? Let us help you. Apply for a Tech Co-op Grant  applications open on March 16: innovatebc.ca/what-we-offer/get-funding/co-op-hiring-grant/. 

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