Venture Acceleration Program

Are you a tech company looking to commercialize your technology? 

Our Venture Acceleration Program connects you to a group of business and technology experts to accelerate your progress

About the Program

The VAP helps BC tech entrepreneurs accelerate the process of defining a proven business model. Whether you’re just starting out or you have already established your business, this program is designed to help growing technology companies. 

Delivered by a team of Executives in Residence (EIRs) and supported by a province-wide network of partners and entrepreneurs, the VAP helps small- to medium- sized tech companies grow into successful businesses.



If you’re a BC-based company or entrepreneur with less than 500 employees, you can take advantage of the VAP.


Steps to Apply

  1. Explore our network of partners and reach out to the one closest to you.
  2. In 3-5 days, someone will reach out to you to schedule a call to better understand your business and discuss your fit for the program 


It was great to connect with people who had experience launching and running legitimate businesses and to hear their stories and excitement about what we were up to. Instead of connecting with people who have researched or studied our start-up problems, these were people who had lived through it and that is really valuable to a company just starting out.

Dave MacLeod
Co-Founder & CEO, ThoughtExchange

"The VAP offers great workshops and consultancy through their mentors. Getting those services from a private third party would be unaffordable for most startups."

Reza Tavakoli
President & CEO, Avestec

"The program stood out because it was centred around making sure that we were able to succeed, whilst maintaining and supporting the core ideas I had for the company. By giving us suggestions through mentorship, Volcanic was able to try new things and see what stuck and what didn’t. It also stood out because it was led by entrepreneurs who understood the process and had been through the startup experience before."

Shawn Caldera
President & CEO, Volcanic Media

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