DER3: Vancouver Island associations provide relief for local SMBs

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May 14, 2020

In case you missed it, Innovation Island Technology Association (IITA) and the Island Coastal Economic Trust (ICET) have partnered together to launch The Digital Economy Response Program (DER3).  

“Many companies are trying to do in months, what most online businesses have done in decades” says Graham Truax, Executive Director of IITA, and that’s where DER3 can help. The program is free and provides one-to-one business and technical expertise and resources to companies that need to enter or expand into the digital economy.  

DER3 came together quickly and aims to be the ‘hyper-local, back-to-business push’ Vancouver Island businesses need to get back on their feet.  Congratulations to the team at IITA for stepping up and leading the community during this time of need. The tech accelerator continues to go above and beyond to support all businesses, not just tech-enabled ones.  

The DER3 program wouldn’t be possible without help from the community. If you’re a digital service provider or subject matter expert in the region, consider getting involved and helping boost your local economy. 

DER3 is open to individuals or businesses living or working on Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast, the Gulf Islands, or North of the Malahat. Find out more about the program at 

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