The Digital Marketing Skills Gap in Canada

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March 29, 2022

So, you’ve heard there’s a talent shortage in B.C. but you’re still struggling to find the right fit. This might have led you to wondering which skills exactly are in demand.

We were curious too.

Jelly Academy conducted a survey with over 630 participants in varying industries across Canada to understand more about the digital marketing skills gap.

In the past several years digital marketing has become one of the most popular career choices among many working professionals – the most popular in 2021 to be exact. With this rise in popularity, Jelly Academy wanted to get a clear picture of the gaps within businesses for digital marketing roles, and what employers are looking for when hiring for these positions.

Who was surveyed?

Jelly Academy surveyed professionals from marketing agencies, service-based businesses, healthcare, hospitality, education, and more, across all different sized businesses. All participants are based in Canada, and almost half resided in major cities.

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What did they find out?

Roles involving ads management, search engine optimization (SEO) and website development are the most difficult to hire for. Employers noted that what is most often missing from candidate resumes is digital advertising skills. The findings are clear that across industry and business size, digital advertising is the skill in most demand.

And the easiest roles to fill? Public relations, graphic design, Google Analytics, and photography/videography.

So, if you’re looking for a job in digital marketing, consider developing your advertising and SEO skills to make yourself more competitive for the positions employers are looking to fill.

But don’t forget about your soft skills! When asked which skills are most impressive on a potential hires resume, 24.21% of respondents noted creative problem solving.

Based on results from this survey, we also see that companies who experienced the most growth, had hired employees with micro credentials and previous work experience, pointing to the value of reskilling and micro credentialing programs for digital marketers.

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These results clearly display there is a demand for digital marketing training across Canada to meet the current hiring needs. As digital marketing is key for providing growth for companies in varying industries, it is necessary to make training opportunities accessible for job seekers.

The Province of British Columbia’s new StrongerBC Economic Plan is focused on talent development. And it’s programs like our Digital Skills for Youth – which give employers funding to hire under-employed professionals – that are aimed at addressing this skills gap. Just last year, 55% of companies that received Digital Skills for Youth grants hired interns for roles that involved digital marketing.

Still looking for the perfect fit? Check out the Innovate BC job board to see some of the current positions available at B.C.-based companies.

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