Digital Economy: Rapid Response + Resiliency Program

Need to get your business online? We can help.

COVID-19 has hit many businesses hard. We have experts that can get you online. 

About the Program

We can match you with a local business coach ready to help you build an action plan to get online, at no cost and no obligation. 

We know COVID-19 has created a new normal. New norms, new restrictions, and your business needs to keep running.  We also know businesses like yours are fundamental to BC’s economy. This program is focused on helping local businesses in 6 regions of BC.   

We match you with business coaches in your area to help you:  

  • Identify key steps to get online 
  • Share resources and tools you can use to solve your business needs 
  • Access content to build your team's digital skills 

The Digital Economy: Rapid Response + Resiliency Program (DER3) can help you identify changes you can make today so you can better engage with the digital economy. Our experts have decades of experience of how you can leverage digital tools to get your business online. 

Our expert will be available to you at no cost, and the time commitment depends on your specific needs. If we can’t help you with implementing the actions we recommend, we will make suggestions on who can.  



You can apply for this program if your businesses has less than 500 employees and is based in:  

  • Greater Victoria 
  • Central Island, Northern Island, Sunshine Coast & Gulf Islands 
  • the Okanagan Valley 
  • the Kootenays 
  • Central Interior B.C.
  • North Central B.C. 

1. Fill out our intake form
2. It will be shared with our partner in your region
3. They will contact you with next steps


“I highly recommend the Innovation Island DER3 program. The resources they offered to small businesses during this pandemic crisis are invaluable. I greatly appreciated the time and attention that the Innovation Island team put into helping my business move further into the digital market. I truly believe the support from the DER3 program made a big difference in the future of my business. My revenue increased over 46% during the course of the program.”

Kelly Corbett, Artist

“Fraser Lake has had a rough few years since the Endako Mine shut down and when the pandemic hit, it was just one more thing for me to worry about. I knew that I should be selling online but my POS system wouldn't allow it. The DER3 team helped me find $20,000 in grant money and upgrade my system. The implementation of our e-commerce system is now well on its way. I can't thank the team enough for bringing this program to rural BC!"


Rob King, Fraser Lake Ace Building Centre

I am writing to express my gratitude for the DER3 program. We came out of it with a completely refocused vision of how to excel in the digital economy and become a global leader. The advice we received has been top-notch and we now see all of our operations through a new lens of automation and efficiency. Rebuilding our entire tech stack continues to be a big undertaking, but the connections with digital service providers will prove invaluable. Without exception, it is clear from my conversations with these providers that KAST has identified exceptional leaders in their fields. I would have never connected with these people otherwise, and this will allow us to spend our digital dollars locally as we move forward.
Cam Gillies Eagle-Eye Tours, Kootenays Region

Cam Gillies, Eagle-Eye Tours

“I’m an in-person, service-based business. What do you do with that when instantly the world changes to operate almost exclusively online? COVID has forced me to take a second look at my business or look with fresh eyes. Myself, everybody else, had to do business differently. The DER3 team looked at my complete online presence and gave me a full audit report on it and some recommendations on where to move forward. Everything from my social media accounts to my website. Right now I’m working with that team to fix my website and make sure my online presence is functioning as it should.”  

Janette Fessenden, Bliss Float Centre

My experience with DER3 has been FANTASTIC; My business has been pushed to move to an online based platform; however, there is a lot to learn to be able to be competitive and survive. DER3 has given me individual support through professional guidance on how to market my online business in different areas such as social media and my website. This is the key to success online. Thanks to the DER3 program, I feel more confident on what I need to focus on to be successful."


Alicia Belmont, Mexican Treasures

“The advice of the VIATEC DER3 Program Manager and Business Advisors has been super helpful. It has been great to have a clear path to moving my consulting business to online and virtual. As a working mom of two young kids, I don’t have any time to waste and they really helped by recommending effective tools and a simple approach to social media. I’m so grateful for their guidance, especially with the uncertainty and stress around COVID-19. I would recommend this program to anyone looking for more clarity on how to implement digital tools that are right for their business.”

Erica Mattson, Erica Mattson Communications & Culture

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